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Arcade Distillery


Arcade Distillery is a video game development studio founded in 2015 in New York City. A collaboration of veteran designers and artists, their creative team brings together over sixty years of combined experience in game development and publishing for major companies (including Electronic Arts, Disney, GREE and Wizards of the Coast), assembled to develop new games based on original and licensed properties.



We connect buyers and sellers around the world in one online Ecosystem. Our mission is to create a better form of e-Commerce and to empower sellers that aspire to grow globally and provide customers with excellent Customer Experience.



Runtime – Power to Play! As gamers at heart, the Runtime team understands the pain of losing and the joy of winning. That’s why they have teamed up to create functional esports nutrition products that help players perform better.

Butterfish Studios


Butterfish Studios is an full-service advertising agency from Southern Germany, which is specialized in eSport Marketing and design matters.

VenG Hosting DE


Cheapest Teamspeak 3 Server from Veng-Hosting DE. Get your custom Voiceserver within minutes, create your Teamspeak Server on a premium voice communication network and enjoy live customer support.

eSport UBT


During the winter term in 2014 students at Bayreuth University founded the “eSports UBT” project with help from Prof. Dr. Koubek and his research staff M.A. Cyrus Mobasheri. The project itself is completely organized and administrated by students. By now many students are coming together regularly to improve their skills in a competitive environment, but also to compete against each other.