informations about Tribunal eSports


Tribunal is your place to go for every eSport concern. Since our inception, we only had one objective: innovate the German eSport scene one step at a time. With our professional teams, certified coaches and a unique educational system we offer you a completely new gaming experience. 



Our values

this is what we are

Being successful, but not forgetting the people in need of help.

With great achievement comes great responsibility. As one of the leading eSports organization in Germany we focus on improving the scene through our educational programs and our community-building. Furthermore, we are using our media reach to benefit charity events like “Gaming for Happiness” and accept our social responsibility. 


Treating one another fairly and respect for opponents.

Without fairness, every competition becomes meaningless. With our zero-tolerance policy against cheating or disrespect in every form we ensure the most competitive and fair environment for our own players, as well as our opponents. Humble in victory and gracious in defeat we have nothing but respect for the hard work of every fair competitor.


Tolerance for each other, no matter what religion, origin or opinion.

Whether on the playing field, on stream, in interviews or at live events: Tribunal members are always part of a respectful and shared cooperation. With an open mind to individuality, we oppose every form of discrimination. Traditional values can thus be passed on to the new generation of gamers.


Promoting creativity and supporting visions.

With an open management structure and a friendly environment, we have an open ear for every idea. We encourage personal responsibility and creative solutions to known problems. Always striving for something new, nothing is impossible for people willing to cross the border from possibility to reality.



A personal bond, reliable, honest and transparent.

As an organization, we value transparency and equality in work and communication. Naturally, we perceive our partners as an important part of our community. Open for every idea and suggestion, we work as closely with our partners as possible. Personalized support, to ensure a stable and reliable cooperation.



Keeping promises and acting within the own capabilities.

We know our limits. With our professional attitude and expertise, we ensure a stable environment for the best outcome possible. No experiments, no false promises. Transparency and integrity are an essential part of our internal and external communication.




our achievements

 Game Tournament Date Placement
League of Legends ESL Meisterschaft 17-05-10 #5
Overwatch ESL 6on6 Heroes Cup 17-04-20 #2
Counter Strike : Global Offensive 99 Damage Div. 2 qualifier 17-02-23 #5
League of Legends King of Spandau 17-02-14 #3
Counter Strike : Global Offensive 99 Damage Div.3 17-02-10 #1
League of Legends UEG-League 17-02-07 #1
Overwatch Realm Hallow‘s End Cup 17-01-05 #2
Counter Strike : Global Offensive ESL Meisterschaft 17-01-03 #7
 Game Tournament Date Placement
Counter Strike : Global Offensive SWIZZ Qualifier 17-05-10 #5
League of Legends SWIZZ Qualifier 16-11-09 #3
Overwatch Gosu Overwatch League 16-11-02 #5
League of Legends Dr. Pepper Cup 16-10-29 #3
League of Legends Tornouit Legends Cup 16-10-12 #1
Overwatch HND Open II 16-10-02 #2
Overwatch Coil Overdrive Cup 16-09-20 #3
Counter Strike : Global Offensive ESL Go4CS:GO 16-09-05 #2


our history and milestones


Tribunal was founded in 2016 with the motivation to develop and promote German eSports. Right at the beginning we realized: the way to success is the actual goal. After an average start, accompanied by many obstacles, the Tribunal team faced its task and within a year established a focal point unique in Germany for amateurs and professionals alike.


1. Jan 2016 Inception
2. Apr 2016 200 Members
3. Mai 2016 first professional teams
4. Sep 2016 first National achievements
5. Nov 2016 Founding of STRIVE
6. Jan 2017 Gaming for Happiness #1
7. Mär 2017 First STRIVE apprenticeships
8. Mai 2017 LoL ESL Meisterschaft Platz #5
9. Juni 2017 launch and open access to STRIVE