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League of Legends

Tribunal eSport League of Legends


As the first team established under the Tribunal brand our League of Legends squad is also the most successful. After qualifying for the German ESL Championship in winter 2016 the team remained a stable contender in the league for three seasons straight. As the flagship of the Tribunal eSport department our League of Legends team is supported by several highly experienced coaches and analysts.




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Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Tribunal eSport Counter Strike : Global Offensive


Established in late 2016 our Counter Strike team is mainly focused on national competition. Being built from the ground up with local talent, the team strives for improvement every day since its inception. After participating in the 99Damage League and the ESL Championship Qualifiers in summer 2017 the squad is still looking for their breakthrough into the German eSport scene.




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Tribunal eSport Overwatch


Actively competing in European tournaments since the release of the game in summer 2016 our Overwatch department was considered one of the best in the German scene. Since then, our squad went through several iterations and rosters. After a quiet period, we decided to rebuild our Overwatch team once again for upcoming competitions. Our goal: participating in the Blizzard League coming to Europe in 2018.




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