After our successful positioning in the League of Legends scene we intend to take the next step into the future. Today we can proudly announce our cooperation with the eSport UBT at Bayreuth University.

Taking the leap into the future

During the winter term in 2014 students at Bayreuth University founded the “eSports UBT” project with help from Prof. Dr. Koubek and his research staff M.A. Cyrus Mobasheri. The project itself is completely organized and administrated by students. By now many students are coming together regularly to improve their skills in a competitive environment, but also to compete against each other.

The participation in the University League (UEG) is an essential part of team development in the UBT. ESC will therefore exclusively train and educate six of the UBTs League of Legends teams. With motivation and passion, we will compete in the upcoming Season 4 of the UEG League and show that eSports is more than just playing computer games.

Stefan Opitz, CEO of ESC Gaming, recognizes the improving standards in eSports and adds: “Every eSports club should participate, to their limits, in the development of the University eSports scene. This is the only way Germany could close the gap in international competition. We are excited to work together with the eSport UBT and will give our very best to promote and educate the players and coaches in every way imaginable.”

Harald Kenst, Head of the eSport UBT says: “ESC and UBT share the same goal. Consequential promotion and development of German eSports. Together we will compete in the upcoming League of Legends UEG League – Our coaches and players are thrilled to learn and grow. “

You can find more information about eSport UBT, the UEG League and their participants at: